• Invest in Your Relationship this Valentine’s Day

    A Created for Connection® Workshop for Christian Couples

    Stop the repetitive arguments and  negative communication patterns and become more connected and loving.

    Leaving these issues unresolved can affect your parenting, your self esteem, your work and your health. Any issue might unexpectedly open up attachment wounds and built-up resentments, leaving you disconnected and feeling desperate and alone.

    • Work together to strengthen your relationship.
    • Become more attuned, trusting, and open.
    • More easily handle day-to-day stress and conflict.
    • Deepen your sense of emotional safety and connection.
    • Improve communication patterns to strengthen the bond between you.

    When: February ?  Fri 6-9pm, Sat & Sun: 9 to 5.

    Where: Offered online with an option to reserve space in our training room.

    Cost: $680/couple. Worksop includes lecture, video and private work in your own separate space.


    Led by:

    Renata Akinkwowo, ASW #76951 https://rakinkuowotherapy.weebly.com/ Clinical supervisor: Shannon Vitro LCSW#74811

    Debra McJimsey LMFT #83485 https://debbiemcjimseycounseling.com     

    Ready to uncover your patterns of communication and connection, to re-kindle and improve the quality of your relationship?

    1. Complete an interest form (LINK)   
    2. Choose Online or Reserve a spot in our training room 
    3. Join us January 8-10

    Questions: Reach out to our enrollment coordinator Karen at 916.771.0822

    ** Please note: This February HMT workshop is Faith-Based and uses the book Created for Connection as it’s foundation.