• Personalized Resilience Toolkit

    Learn the tools & skills to manage intense emotions.


    This group is for you if you are ready to go from feeling on edge and reactive when dealing with things that are triggering to feeling calm and confident in your ability to regulate those strong responses

    If you have been:

    • Feeling out of control or yelling
    • Isolating yourself or feeling helpless
    • Feeling overwhelmed by your feelings
    • Stuck or unsure of what to do

    It doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn tools to help you regulate those difficult feelings. Your finances, your relationships, your work, your health are all under stress when you don’t have the tools to meet those emotional needs.

    Join our group to discover and practice the self care and resourcing techniques that are personalized to you. You may think of it as growing your Mental Strength and Resilience.

    You can feel confident in your inner resources to identify and manage those intense feelings. You can understand which techniques are right for you and why they work for you

    When: Monday mornings - start your week feeling connected and learning new tools.
    Where: Offered online with an option to reserve space in our training room.
    Cost: $35/session, 6 week commitment
    Format: This is a module series. Join for 1, 2, or all 7 as we go deep on the topics of: Resourcing & what you personally find helpful, Tools for self regulation & why they work, Compassion, Attachment, Breathwork & MORE!

    **This group is highly recommended if you are preparing for trauma therapy (EMDR) or referred by your therapist to support your goals in couples counseling..


    Co-led by Danielle Ensley & Debbie McJimsey to provide an affordable therapy option to help you develop your skills to manage life’s stressors and triggers. Learn more about us on our websites:
    Danielle Ensley, LCSW #59965 at https://danielleensley.weebly.com/
    Debra McJimsey LMFT #83485 at https://debbiemcjimseycounseling.com

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    1st session on February 15th